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Articles and resources to help you discover your purpose and design a future around your passions.  You’ll also find exercises to help you live with more discipline and create effective daily habits that will jumpstart your life.      

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Get articles, exercises and worksheets to help you think proactively about your career direction and carve a path that makes the most sense for your skills, values and passions.                      

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Jump inside my mind as well as those of other millennials as we work through the uncertainty of career, purpose, and relationships in our 20s.                                  


My name’s Brendan Barca and I’m a 28 year old Brooklyn-based blogger currently on a quest to design my ideal life.  I’m obsessed with personal development, living outside my comfort zone and coaching fellow Millennials to their full potential.    

Book Recommenations

For anyone out there looking for a good book to read, these ones all changed the way I look at things.  Here I share a combination of self-help, lifestyle design and spiritual books.  All have helped me during life transitions.


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