Are you a high-achieving Millennial straddling the line between the life you have and the life you want?  Do you dream of designing a life around your passions but just don’t know where to start?
Here at Straddle The Line and through our weekly email newsletter Fired Up Fridays we are all trying to figure this out together!  Let’s stop dreaming, and start designing a life around our passions!  Are you ready?

My name’s Brendan Barca and I’m a 27 year old Boston-based blogger.  I’m obsessed with personal growth and peer-to-peer coaching.

I started this blog because I feel I have an affinity for helping other driven Millennials.  My mission with this blog is to teach, motivate, and challenge people to reach for the BEST version of themselves.  To read more about me and why I started this blog click HERE.

Through this blog and my Weekly Newsletter, my goal is to to empower you to:

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So, how will we get there?

I’ll help guide you by providing the tools, techniques and habits necessary during all stages of this process.  You will get:

Personal growth tools & habits (Click image below to explore Posts):

Inspirational stories, photos & quotes (Click image below to explore posts):

Mentoring & career coaching:

(email me at

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