My name’s Brendan Barca and I’m a 28 year old Brooklyn-based blogger currently on a quest to design my ideal life.  I’m obsessed with personal development, living outside my comfort zone and coaching fellow Millennials to their full potential.    
For the first five years of my career I worked in sales at a financial firm in Boston.  Recently I switched to the tech industry and joined the sales team of a SaaS startup.  It’s a culture and product that’s a perfect fit for me and will help the growth of this blog. 
While I enjoy my career, outside of work I have developed an infatuation with discovering a deeper purpose of helping others and pursuing my passions.
In the last year I’ve trekked to Machu Picchu, run the Boston Marathon, solo trekked through Japan and launched this blog!  It has been an extremely busy year to say the least but a lot of good has come out of it.

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog when I was facing a self-proclaimed “quarter life crisis.”  At that time, I found myself 5 years into a career that no longer made sense to me.  My lifestyle outside of work no longer fit with my job or industry.   On weekdays I was wearing a suit and tie and selling mutual funds, while on weekends I biked around to coffee shops, museums and explored my creative side. 
I decided to name the blog “Straddle The Line” because I felt like I was straddling the line between the life that I had and the life that I wanted.  It’s a line that I think we all walk at different points in our life and so I thought would be a good symbol for my audience.  
Through my career and life redirection I’ve learned a lot about myself and have begun to inch closer to designing my ideal life.  Now I want guide you on this journey with me.
One of the major realizations I’ve had through all these experiences and during the early stages of this blog is that I have an affinity for inspiring other driven Millennials.  I love to teach, motivate, and challenge people to uncover and reach for the BEST version of themselves.
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