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Brendan Barca offers young professionals an array of career coaching services to help you break through to the highest level of success and happiness in a career that you’ll love.  

Learn more about each career coaching offering below. 



About Brendan’s Commitment to Coaching:

Brendan has spent the first six years of his professional life building a prominent career in sales within both the finance and technology industries.  Over that time span he has been promoted four times and most recently leveraged his networking and interview skills to switch from financial services sales to technology sales — an industry that better aligns with his passions.

In his young career, he has worked hard at mastering his sales, presentation, and interview skills.  But what Brendan cares most about is improving the quality of work and life of his colleagues.  

At his last company, John Hancock, Brendan created multiple programs to assist his peers on career development.  In 2016 he launched a program called “Build Your Brand” that guided new hires on professionalism and  personal branding in the workplace.  In 2017 he created a peer-to-peer holistic coaching service in which he helped colleagues evaluate their current career situation, determine their career direction, and create an action plan that aligned with these new professional goals.

Since leaving John Hancock  in the spring of 2017, Brendan has continued to coach on the side and has developed his own proven method for helping his clients.  He emphasizes a holistic coaching strategy in which he helps clients to align their career with their passions and personal values.  

He specializes in working with young sales people (age 22 – 35) within the technology and financial services fields.  He has helped clients land internal promotions as well as switch industries all together.  Brendan’s commitment to his clients is unmatched and his holistic approach will help you find a career that makes sense for YOU.  



Brendan’s Private Career Coaching Programs:  



Career Strategy Call  & Action Plan Playbook (One-hour Strategy Consultation)

One-hour private video conference career coaching session, to help you evaluate your current career situation and strategize the best next steps to achieving a happier, more fulfilling career.  Brendan will help you overcome your career challenges in a way that makes sense for you.  (Cost: $95)

  • Session includes Brendan’s customized Career Action Plan Playbook. 


Uncover Your Career Calling (4 sessions – 60 minutes each) *Most Popular*

Four tailored career coaching video conference sessions designed specifically to help you evaluate your current career situation, define your skill set and passions, and create a game plan that will help you design a career around your ideal lifestyle. (Cost: $350)

  1. Career Assessment & Personal Evaluation (Where you’re at/ what matters to you/ what you’re good at)
  2. Uncover your New Path (Potential paths/ discover your direction)
  3. Create Your Game Plan: Game plan & action steps
  4. Taking Action:  Networking & Interview prep
  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile review also available*



Sales Skills Mastery (3 sessions – 60 minutes each)

Three in-depth coaching video conference calls that will help you master presentations, face-to-face meetings, or cold calling.  This course is perfect for young sales professionals who want to accelerate their sales skill set leveraging Brendan’s experience in internal, hybrid and external sales roles. (Cost: $275)

You can choose to focus all three sessions on one sales skill or divide your time among different training sessions.

  • Presentation Mastery:  Learn to structure and give a professional sales presentation 
  • Cold call training: Gaining rapport and adding value on the first call
  • Face-to-face Meeting skill development: preparation, structure & non-verbal communication
  • Networking skills: Develop a game plan to standout in your company and get promoted faster
  • College-to-Corporate: On your first sales job out of college?  Get a jumpstart on your competition




On-Demand Interview Prep (1-3 sessions – 60 minutes each)

Whether you want to improve your interview skills for a future opportunity or have a big interview lined up for this week, On-Demand Interview Preparation will provide you with the one-on-one coaching you need to excel.  Brendan will help you to craft your story, prepare for difficult interview questions, and even run a mock interview. (Cost: $99 per session)

Interview preparation: Learn how to craft your story and sell yourself in any interview

  • Interview Question Preparation: Prepare for the toughest interview questions and craft your own questions to become a stand-out candidate
  • Mock interview: Run a mock interview with Brendan where you can practice like it’s the real deal
  • Closing the Interview: Review closing techniques and prepare for salary negotiation




Testimonials from Brendan’s Clients:


“Brendan was an unbelievable resource during my job search. I often times would waver back and forth on whether or not I was making the right decision, and Brendan would steer me back to the right mindset, staying focused on our plan. He had set very concise guidelines and weekly goals to help me get where I needed to be in order to advance in my career.
I highly recommend working with Brendan, whether you are looking for a career change, or guidance within your current career to launch you to that promotion you have been eyeing. With Brendan’s guidance, I was able to secure several interviews which ultimately turned into a new career, within an entirely different industry at a senior level.
I have worked with several recruiters and career coaches along the way, and none have offered the high degree of guidance, and professionalism that Brendan has.”
– Jarrett Sylvester: Business Development Manager at Definitive Healthcare
“I worked with Brendan on preparing to apply for a promotion, as well as on building a professional brand within the company I work for.  Brendan’s experience working in a hyper-competitive environment at John Hancock Investment’s provided him with the exact knowledge I needed to navigate these challenges.
Moreover, Brendan took a genuine interest in understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and gave thoughtful, practical feedback that I could immediately implement. Our work together was extremely impactful in securing that promotion, and helped me focus attention on areas of professional development that I’d neglected simply because I didn’t know what to look for. I would highly recommend working with Brendan to anyone interested in bettering themselves professionally.”
– Giancarlo Plati: Associate Director, Institutional Sales at John Hancock Investments



“Brendan helped me focus on my strengths when I was struggling to reevaluate my career.  He helped me concentrate on the positive things that I could control and held me accountable to the jobs I was applying for.

Reevaluating my career path was one of the most challenging obstacles I have ever had to overcome but with Brendan’s support and guidance, I was able to secure a senior management position with my current firm and move my family back home to Massachusetts.

I will be forever thankful having known and worked with Brendan as he helped me secure my dream job as well help my family move back home.” 

– Nick Buonamico: Regional Vice President at John Hancock Investments



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