Jump inside my mind as well as the minds of other millennials as we work through the uncertainty of career, purpose, and relationships in our 20s.  I am also now accepting guest posts , so contact me if you’re interested in writing or doing a podcast!  


  • Blog Reflections and Readjusting My Focus

    When I created this blog back in April, 2016, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted it to become.  What started as a bunch of “quarter life crisis” journal entries slowly morphed over time.  Today, my content shifts between personal growth hacks and career tips. As I write to you now, I’m still searching for […]

  • You Have The Power, You Can Design Your Life

    A new job. My own blog. And now a new city. What was just a vision 18 months ago, has finally become a reality.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It didn’t happen the way I would’ve predicted, but it happened.  I overcame the uncertainties I had last year as I sat in my cube in Boston.  […]

  • A New Vision for Straddle The Line

    Am I burnt out or at a turning point?  Have I failed or can I pivot?  I write to you today with tired eyes and an uninspired mind. The blog posts that used to flow so easily have become difficult and sometimes painful.  I’m not sure what’s happened.  I’m not sure what to do. I […]

  • Land your Dream Job with this Interview Template

    Even after fighting through the gauntlet of grueling job boards and countless informational interviews, landing that perfect job is far from over.   Despite your hard work to this point, the interview process still looms up ahead.  A successful interview can be the difference between attaining your dream job and being thrust right back into […]

  • Design Your Life using The Odyssey Plan

    If you want to build your ideal life it has to begin with you.  No one is going to sit you down and tell you it’s time to start planning.  No one is going to show you your path. It’s up to you to decide when to start and which direction to choose.  To be […]

  • 5 Steps to End Suffering & Find a Purposeful Life

    A month ago I was on the other side of the world traveling through Japan on the trip of my dreams.  Everything was perfect… on most days.   But on some days I struggled.   I struggled to find joy despite the beauty around me.  I struggled to find contentment despite the fact that I […]

  • After Years of Darkness, My Eyes are Finally Open

    I used to walk this world blind.  I used to let other people show me the way. In college, I turned to my friends to help me decide on a major.  In the early days of my career I let my colleagues alter my path. I used to tell myself I didn’t know what I […]

  • 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction

    Note: This is a guest post written by STL member Olivia Auzenne who runs an online marketing agency called The Auzenne Agency and has a YouTube channel called WithLoveOA.  Thanks for posting Oliva!   When I was 17, my father ushered my entire family into our living room and made us all watch this new documentary.  […]

  • The Best Souvenirs Won’t Cost a Dime but They Can Change Your Life

    Note: This is the second guest post from STL Member Becca Rose.  Enjoy and thanks again Becca!   It’s natural for us to want to bring back a souvenir or two every time we go abroad. I know for me, every time I look at the coffee mug from Ireland I’m reminded of the tiny roads […]

  • Three Methods for Fighting your Quarter Life Crisis

    There was a time not too long ago that I felt a lot like you. I felt purposeless. I felt lost. I felt like I was wasting time. The career I had worked so hard to build no longer made sense to me. My life suddenly lacked purpose. I was devastated. And the worst part? […]

  • STL Music: Motivational Flow Playlist #1

    A friend asked me recently what keeps me going.  How do I blog week after week?  How do I write when I don’t know if anyone will read it?   How do I stay focused? These are good questions.  Ones that I had to reflect on. Sure, it takes discipline and time management.  It takes goal setting and […]

  • Why I’m Done with “Self” Help

    Sometimes I question my own motives.  I often wonder if the way I’m living is the right way. Over the last few years I’ve been reaching higher and higher.  I reach for the next level in my career.  I plan a trip to a new continent.  I launch a blog. It’s always more, more, more.  […]

  • My Japan Photo Stream: Walk with me from Tokyo to Kyoto

    There are only 26 letters in the English language.  And with these 26 letters we form words and sentences which we use to express our thoughts.     We then use these thoughts to explain our experiences and tell people our stories.   But sometimes it’s just not so easy.  Sometimes what we see and feel is […]

  • Overcome Your Fears to Find Your Ideal Life (Thoughts from Japan)

    I won’t sit here right now and tell you 10 reasons why you should go to Japan or give you 51 travel tips for your next vacation abroad.  That’s not what this blog’s about.    This is not a travel blog.  This is a blog about uncovering your life’s purpose and creating your own ideal […]

  • Don’t Miss the Mark, Make It (A Traveler’s Story)

    Note: This is a guest post by STL Member Becca Rose.  Enjoy and thanks Becca! Since the day I started driving, I would imagine a marker on a map tracing all the places I went. Whether I was off to school, a friend’s house, or the mall, that marker would follow me everywhere.  My little […]

  • My Journey to Japan Starts… Now

    Today I set out on my most ambitious adventure to date: a two week solo trip to Japan. Yup. Two weeks. Alone. JAPAN. I know, I know. A lot’s going through your mind right now and you’re not alone. In the last few weeks, as I’ve told people about my journey, I’ve been met with […]

  • How to Become an Informational Interview All-Star

    The job hunt can be a grind, but I think I found a way to help ease your pain.  Over the past year as I explored various career paths and eventually landed my ideal job, I also became a master at the informational interview in the process.  By the end of my job search I had […]

  • STL Podcast #2: The Birth of a Blogger (Ft. Joe Barca)

    Since our first podcast together was met with critical acclaim, my Dad and I decided to bring back the father-son duo for Straddle The Line’s second podcast.  This time though, we did a role reversal.  As some of you may remember, in the first episode I interviewed my Dad Joe Barca about his twitter poetry, […]

  • 5 Things You Can Do Now to Land Your Next Promotion

    When I entered the corporate world five years ago I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t know how to handle office small talk.  And I especially didn’t know how to speak to big executives. I didn’t have a clue. I was a tiny little pawn thrust […]

  • Turn a Painful Job Search into a Lifestyle Redesign

    So you’ve decided it’s time to explore your options. This job isn’t what you thought it was. You’re overworked.  You need more money.  Maybe you just need change. But where do you start? You were so certain that this was the job for you. This was supposed to be the step to catapult your career […]

  • How This Blog Helped Me Land a New Job and Start a New Chapter in Life

    It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. And there were many moments when I doubted myself. But it happened at last. After months of networking and informational interviews I finally got that new job in a new industry I had been craving. A fresh start. A new chapter. Next month, I’ll be leaving my sales […]

  • 7 Reasons Why You Need a Coach (even if you think you don’t)

    OK, so everywhere you turn you keep hearing this concept of a “coach,” but what the hell does that even mean?  The only coach you can remember is the one that yelled at you when you didn’t want to take a header in soccer practice. You probably haven’t had a coach in your life since your […]

  • Face Your Fears Because No One Else Will

    I used to hide from my problems. I used to let them pile on top of each other in the back of my mind thinking they’d magically evaporate. I remember graduating senior year of college with no job lined up and student loan payments staring me right in the face. I remember thinking it would […]

  • 5 Exercises to Help You Find What You’re Meant to Do

     The reason most people never find the work they are meant to do is because they never start looking in the first place.  It’s easy to let your life pass by year after year without ever stopping to ask what’s really important to you.     These questions are scary and their answers could lead to a big […]

  • Bring Enthusiasm and Authenticity to Everything You Do

    The key to success is to bring enthusiasm and authenticity into every conversation expecting magic.

  • STL Podcast #1: My Dad’s a Twitter Poet (Ft. Joe Barca)

    Some Dad’s are into baseball.  Some are into home improvement.  Others are into automobiles.  But my Dad… he’s a little bit different.   My Dad’s a poet.   And more accurately, he’s a Twitter poet!  Yup, that’s right! You can check out his micro-poetry on Twitter at @shepherdmoon53 & @poetme13 where he’s tweeted over 60,000 times! Back in October […]

  • Podcast with Thom Walters: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

    This week I was lucky enough to be featured on my very first podcast!  Thom Walters, creator of the highly rated Zen Commuter podcast, had me on his show where we discussed my experience as a new meditator. In this 45 minute episode, we talk about the origin of my meditation practices, how it’s helped me live with more courage, and helpful tips […]

  • 5 Daily Habits to Unlock a Purposeful Life

    Note: This is a post I wrote a few months back but had taken it down.  Here it is remastered: We are constantly bombarded with advice on how to live a more productive and healthier lifestyle. We hear all about how we need to eat well, exercise and get a good night’s sleep. But beyond […]

  • 14 Articles to Accelerate your Personal Growth

    At this point in the year, many people’s New Years resolutions have already turned to dust. Even you probably have one or two that you’ve pushed to 2018.  But what if instead of these feeble resolutions you could implement permanent changes in your life.  What if you could implement habits that could shift your mindset and accelerate your […]

  • Difficult Decisions and the Path Less Chosen

    In the moment, you’ll never know if the decision you’ve made is the right one. Either way you’ll have your doubts. Either way you’ll have your regrets. So which path to choose? Which way to turn? It will never be black and white. The line will seem blurred. So you waver. You cower. You freeze. […]

  • 13 Motivational Quotes For Overcoming Self-Doubt & Chasing Your Dreams

    During any difficult pursuit there will be challenging times.  There will be moments that you want to quit.  Dark thoughts will arise telling you that you’re not good enough.  People in your life will discourage you. It’s moments like these when you can turn to the advice from our greatest thought leaders of modern day and from […]

  • Motion Creates Emotion: The Blogging Effect

    Some will say it’s just a blog.  Others will say it’s a waste of time.  Everyone will think you’re crazy. But what if creating a platform for your ideas is a way to start attracting the life that you want? What if it can lead you to likeminded people from around the world that you […]

  • Ignore the Noise, Chase your Dreams, No Matter the Cost

    Ignore the noise. Ignore the doubters.  Ignore the negativity.   Don’t let those who are afraid to take risks themselves deter you.  Don’t listen to the critics who stand by to watch you fall. Instead, listen to that voice inside your head that speaks when the rest of your world is quiet.  Don’t waiver from […]

  • Content Creation: A Millennial Rite of Passage

    (Note: This is the first ever guest post on Straddle The Line.  It is written by a new friend of mine, Kip Clark, who produces and co-hosts the podcast Stride & Saunter.  Thanks Kip!) As a Millennial, I feel our generation has been a point of constant scrutiny in recent years. Whether we are the scapegoats […]

  • 8 Books that will Enhance your Personal Growth in 2017

    Ready to flip the page on 2016 and begin 2017 with a clean slate and a new state of mind? Luckily, finding inspiration and creating change in your life doesn’t have to mean traveling half way across the world to meditate in Thailand (although if you can, then by all means do it!).  Instead you can find […]

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