Why are informational interviews so important? And how do you go about landing your first one? I discuss all of this in my first ever video on the blog.

If you’re a young professional looking to find the best career path for you, this video will give you the pointers and actionable items you need to start your journey. Give me a thumbs up on YouTube if you liked the video. Comment if you have any questions or feedback. Subscribe on YouTube if you want to get more of these in the future. Thanks!


Brendan Informational Interview Outreach Template (As referred to in the video):


Hope you’re having a great week.

I was reaching out because I would love to learn a bit about your job at XXXXXXXX and your industry in general. For the first time in a over a year I’m looking at opportunities outside of my company and am trying to get a sense for what’s out there. I’m currently in a XXXXXXXX role that involves XXXXXXXXX. Getting your feedback and advice would be a huge help to me.

Let me know if you’d be open to a 15 minute call at some point. Appreciate it!






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Why Informational Interviews are Critical to Finding your Dream Job
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